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Drinkfinity to pause sales in Europe

Thank you for your interest in Drinkfinity. On June 3, we will temporarily pause sales of Drinkfinity across Europe and the e-commerce site will be closed. We encourage you to place any final orders in advance of that date. As a final offer we will give each second pod pack for free for you to enjoy before we say goodbye. You can use the below coupon code in the checkout.

Code: drinkfinity

If you’d like to hear from us in the future, please follow our social channels and we will keep you updated with further developments. For any other questions, please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.

We would like to thank all Drinkfinity consumers for supporting us in our journey so far.

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Your new ritual


We love the way rituals break up the day. Performing a set of simple tasks helps the mind relax and make surprising connections. So here’s a new ritual for you: peel the seal; pop the pod; shake the water till it wakes.

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Popping the pod

Everybody loves popping bubble wrap; well that’s how it feels to pop a pod. The dry ingredients, sealed in the top, pop through the liquid ingredients, sealed in the bottom, and they blend into your drink. Deliciousness has arrived.

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It’s not just the Spirulina that’s Green

Reusable vessel

We all try to throw away less plastic. That’s why we give you a reusable BPA-free vessel. Keep it. Use it again and again. Give it a name, if that’s your thing.

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Recyclable pods

We all try to recycle more. That’s why we collect the pods for recycling. Join the recycling program; you seal it up; you post it back to us; you feel virtuous.

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At Drinkfinity, we keep investigating new techniques, so our products make the smallest footprint they can. And if you have any ideas to improve our environmental impact, please tell us.

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@drinkfinity From the community

A Very Little Bit About Us

We don’t want to be one of those tech firms that tell you their whole life story: you’re just here to buy a drink.

But, for what it’s worth, we are a gang based in Amsterdam with an entrepreneurial spirit, we care about the environment, and we can talk for a boringly long time about which ingredients go best with which other ingredients.

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