Though our Pods use much less plastic than many traditional beverage brands, we are constantly challenging ourselves to become more sustainable. We are currently testing breakthrough technology that will allow us to recover the plastic from Pods and use it to create new ones.

A smaller footprint is a better footprint.

Our innovative packaging uses less resources to produce than a ready-to-drink beverage.

Less plastic used.

Our Pods use approximately 65% less plastic than a comparable 591 ml. ready-to-drink beverage bottle**

Recycling your Pod is easy.

For UK customers we partnered with Terracycle to create a UK National Recycling Program, just follow these easy steps:
1. Go to: https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/account/sign_up
2. Sign up, creating your own account and fill in your details.
3. Click on ‘Create a label’ and TerraCycle will send you a free shipping label ready for post via mail.
4. Print the label and stick/staple it to the box or envelope that you are sending your pods in (you can reuse the box you received your Drinkfinity products if you wish).
5. You can put the box on the post, organise a free pick up with UPS or drop-off your box at your closets UPS drop-off point.

[i] Our Pods use up to 66% less plastic per ounce of beverage, compared to a 500 ml ready-to-drink bottled beverage. (From spreadsheet, g plastic/ounce of beverage for pod is 0.58 and g plastic/ounce of beverage for 500 ml ready-to-drink is 1.73. Percent less calculated as (1.73-0.58)/1.73 = 66% less)

**Life Cycle Assesment of Drinkfinity vs 20 oz comparable beverage implemented by Franklin & Associates and peer reviewed.

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