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Natural dry & liquid ingredients packed into a dual chamber designed to get your taste buds tingling. Knowledge is powerful. Learn what’s in each Pod and pick the right blend for any moment.

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Watch this video on how to pop a Pod and prepare your blend.

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How to clean my Vessel

Follow these steps to clean your Vessel. For more information please go to the "product usage & care" section below.

1. Twist the top of the Vessel to remove the top.

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2. Remove the piercer.

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3. Place parts on top rack in dishwasher.

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How to remove odors and stains

Over time your Drinkfinity devices may take on odors and staining may also occur. Here are some suggestions to keep your devices clean and odorless.

1. Dilute 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of warm water.

2. Soak the parts in the mixture. Let it stand overnight.

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3. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

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